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Crown furniture is a company based in Tulsa Oklahoma and serves a great portion of the united states. We distribute office furniture of all kinds.
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Why Desks are a Big Deal

Desks play a large role in the operation of any office. Your desk not only allows you to work efficiently but it also serves as functional storage space. Your desk must reflect both your design preferences as well as the needs of your office. A high-quality desk can improve your productivity and create a space in which you feel inspired.


At Crown Office Furniture, we sell todays best selling vendors, like Global. Our team of professionals will help you select a desk that meets your needs while fitting within your budget. We are passionate about helping your business grow through beautiful, functional pieces for every corner of the office.

Finding a Desk That Meets Your Needs

There are many things to consider when you are looking for a new desk. Office furniture is a significant investment in your business. As such, it is important to choose pieces that will continue to grow alongside your ever-changing needs.

Choose a Desk That Offers Adequate Storage Space


Depending on the role of the individual using the desk, the amount of storage space needed will vary. A simple reception desk, for example, may not need very much storage. On the other hand, other members of your team may need space to store documents, tools, or other work-related items.

Additionally, it is always important to consider your team member’s needs by providing them space to store their personal items during the workday. When investing in high-quality desks for your office, be sure to choose a desk that features adequate storage space both for your current and future needs.

Don’t Sacrifice Beauty for Function When Investing in A Desk


Many individuals believe that they can either invest in an aesthetically pleasing desk or a functional desk. At Crown Office Furniture, we believe you don’t need to decide! With a diverse range of high-quality desks, we offer functional options that align with your decor aesthetic.


After all, a beautiful desk aids in creating an inspiring workplace environment. This is something that we can all get behind!

Consider Your Long-Term Needs Before Purchasing a Desk


Although a simple model may be sufficient for your current needs, it is important to also consider your long-term needs before purchasing a desk for your office. As a significant investment, it is wise to consider how your desk will serve your needs as your business continues to grow. When selecting large pieces of furniture for your office, it is also wise to choose timeless items that will easily mesh with changing decor styles. In doing so, you can maximize your investment for years to come.

Find Your Next Desk Today!

At Crown Office Furniture, our design team can help you select a modern office desk that creates a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing environment for your office while maintaining function and comfort.


Whether you need a single desk or are looking to furnish your corporate office, our team of professionals is ready to serve you! With a diverse range of desk and teaming stations from the biggest vendors, we can help you select a desk that fits both your budget and your design vision. Stop by our showroom today or check out our online selection of new and used office desks! We look forward to providing you with high-quality office furniture.

Any questions? Contact us, we'd love to help.

    Or visit us in person to see what our selection looks like in person!

    What are the different types of desks for?

    Office desks come in various shapes and sizes, each tailored to meet specific needs and work requirements. From the opulence of executive desks to the practicality of shared desking, here is an overview of the different attributes of five common types of office desks.

    1. Executive Desks:

    • Elegance and Prestige: Executive desks are designed to exude sophistication and authority, often crafted from high-quality materials like solid wood or premium veneers.
    • Spacious Surface: These desks offer ample workspace, providing executives with enough room to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
    • Storage Solutions: Executive desks often feature built-in drawers, cabinets, and shelves, keeping essential documents and personal items within reach.
    • Aesthetics: These desks are usually the centerpiece of executive offices, showcasing impressive designs and fine craftsmanship.
    1. Reception Desks:

    • Welcoming Design: Reception desks create the first impression for visitors, featuring a warm and inviting appearance to set a positive tone for the office.
    • Functionality: Reception desks are equipped with features like transaction counters, storage compartments, and cable management to support administrative tasks.
    • Brand Representation: Many reception desks can be customized with company logos or colors, reinforcing the brand identity to visitors and clients.
    • Integration of Technology: Modern reception desks often include provisions for computers, telephones, and other essential office equipment.
    1. Workstations:

    • Space Optimization: Workstations are designed to maximize office space efficiently, often arranged in rows or clusters to accommodate multiple employees.
    • Individual Privacy: Some workstations are equipped with partitions or screens to provide employees with a sense of personal space and minimize distractions.
    • Collaborative Elements: Open-style workstations promote collaboration and communication among team members, fostering a conducive work environment.
    • Ergonomic Considerations: Workstations are often adjustable to cater to the ergonomic needs of various employees, promoting better posture and comfort.
    1. Sit-Stand Desks:

    • Height Adjustability: Sit-stand desks allow users to switch between sitting and standing positions, promoting a more dynamic and healthier work routine.
    • Health Benefits: These desks can reduce the risk of sedentary-related health issues, such as back pain and poor circulation, by encouraging regular movement.
    • Customization: Sit-stand desks can be adjusted to individual height preferences, promoting proper ergonomics and user comfort.
    • Increased Productivity: Users often experience enhanced focus and energy levels when alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day.
    1. Shared Desking:

    • Flexibility: Shared desking allows employees to choose their workspace based on their daily tasks, promoting adaptability and collaboration.
    • Resource Efficiency: By sharing desks, office space is used more efficiently, reducing the need for excess furniture.
    • Team Cohesion: Shared desking encourages interaction among colleagues from different departments, fostering a sense of unity within the workplace.
    • Hot-Desking Options: Some shared desking setups incorporate hot-desking, where employees can reserve desks as needed, promoting mobility and flexibility.

    In conclusion, the diverse attributes of executive desks, reception desks, workstations, sit-stand desks, and shared desking cater to various job roles and office environments. The right desk choice can enhance productivity, create a positive impression on visitors, and promote employee well-being. Understanding the unique features and advantages of each desk type allows businesses to make informed decisions when furnishing their office spaces to suit the needs of their workforce and organizational culture.