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Discover ergonomic office chairs at Crown Office Furniture, including top brands like X-Chair. Enhance comfort and productivity with our diverse selection of new and used chairs, fostering communication and community in your workplace.


What Is Crown Furniture?

Crown Office Furniture is a well-established and trusted family-owned office furniture store. Crown Furniture has a remarkable history spanning over 60 years. As a third-generation family-owned business, Crown Office Furniture has a deep-rooted commitment to providing top-quality office furniture solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Delivery Setup

Our professional and highly trained installation team will have your office furniture set up to your exact specifications quickly and hassle-free.

Design Assistance

Our design team will expertly handle all of the details and design of your office desks, cubicles, conference rooms, reception areas, and more to ensure the highest quality setup for your budget.

Customer Care

Provide the best service at the best prices. From a home office order to servicing companies with thousands of employees, we’re here to help!


Our Coverage Map

We service most of Mid-America, from Texas to Illinois

How Crown Has Grown

Founded several decades ago, the company has grown steadily, building a reputation for its exceptional customer service, extensive product selection, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Over the years, Crown Office Furniture has evolved with changing industry trends and client needs. Crown is staying at the forefront of the office furniture market.


Crowns Heritage

As a family-owned business, Crown Office Furniture upholds the values of trust, reliability, and integrity. This ensures that each customer receives the utmost care and attention. Their commitment to excellence and a personalized customer experience has earned them loyal clientele and long-lasting partnerships.

With a rich history and a strong focus on quality and service, Crown Office Furniture continues to be a go-to destination for businesses seeking reliable office furniture solutions backed by generations of experience and expertise.

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Alicia W.
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"I’ve gotten several pieces of furniture from Crown Office Furniture, and I’ve been extremely satisfied with the products..."
Andy C.
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"I purchased a used desk from Crown and they were able to get me exactly what I wanted and needed..."
Alicia W.
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"Crown is quick to respond to any request and they always fix and/or deliver our items with no issues..."
Mike M.
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"Extremely helpful staff and surprisingly prices about the same as online stores. Will use this store for all my future business furniture needs."
Michael P.
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"Excellent!! If you need anything in furniture or just someone to talk with, Crown is the place to be."
Allie S.
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"Our office in Jenks, OK Strong Family Financial and Strong Wealth Strategies looks amazing thanks to Dan Stine and Crown Furniture..."
R. Felts
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"I had the best experience with David and Julie at Crown Office Furniture..."
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