Chairs Test
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Chairs Test

With office chairs from today’s top brands like X-Chair, we can help you find a chair that perfectly matches your design aesthetic while providing you with optimal comfort. Other than your desk, your chair is the most used piece of furniture in your office. In a typical workplace environment, most professionals sit in their desk chairs for an average of six hours each day. An uncomfortable office chair can contribute to aches and pains, decreasing productivity in your workday.


Chairs also serve important functions throughout your office providing seating for meetings, meals, and more! Chairs facilitate community and communication within the workplace. At Crown Office Furniture, we are proud to provide you with access to a diverse selection of both new and used office chairs.

Benefits of Quality Office Chairs

There are many benefits to investing in an ergonomic office chair for yourself and your team members. From increased health to improved productivity, you will quickly see the value of high-quality office furniture.

Comfortable Office Chairs Minimize Distractions


When you are uncomfortable at your desk, your ability to focus on the task at hand plummets. Discomfort may cause you to fidget excessively or require countless breaks to walk around the office. However, discomfort caused by your office chair manifests itself, it greatly decreases productivity.


By investing in a comfortable, ergonomic office chair, you can minimize possible distractions, encouraging productivity throughout the workplace.

Ergonomic Office Chairs Offer Health Benefits


As a business owner or facilities person, you realize the importance of encouraging health and welling in each member of your team. Poorly designed office chairs often cause individuals to slouch or compensate for discomfort by sitting in odd positions. This can lead to frustrating neck and back pain as well as a decrease in overall team morale.


A comfortable, ergonomic chair is easily adjusted to the preferences of each individual, encouraging proper posture. By decreasing tension headaches and other discomforts caused by poor quality chairs, you are contributing to a healthier office environment.

Modern Office Chairs Improve Your Office Appearance


Whether you often host visitors or potential clients in your office or you simply want to create a more inspiring atmosphere for your team, modern office chairs are a great way to improve the appearance of your office!

Find Your Next Office Chair Today!

At Crown Office Furniture, our design team can help you select modern office chairs that create a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing environment for your office while maintaining function and comfort.


Whether you need a single office chair or looking to replace the seating in your large corporate office, our team of professionals is ready to serve you! With a diverse range of chairs from todays top vendors like X-Chair, we can help you select a chair that fits both your budget and your design vision. Stop by our showroom today or check out our online selection of new and used office chairs! We look forward to providing you with a high-quality office chair.

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We supply the entire state from Oklahoma City to Tulsa with the largest selection of new and used office furniture from over 150 name brands including Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, Allsteel, Hon, Global, Evolve, and Tayco.


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