Cubicles & Workstations
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Cubicles & Workstations

Cubicles don’t have to be boring! For many offices, cubicles or modern workstations provide incredible benefits. From traditional cubicles to open plan models, we can help you maximize your team’s comfort and productivity.


At Crown Office Furniture, we are passionate about providing efficient and effective solutions for your office needs. Cubicles or workstations maximize your office space while providing each team member with their own area in which to work. One of the greatest advantages of choosing a cubicle model for your office, however, is the ability to adapt your office set-up to accommodate your ever-changing needs.

Benefits of Cubicles & Workstations in The Office

Once seen as an outdated solution for offices, modern cubicles and workstations continue to provide businesses with countless benefits. Here are a few of the ways that a modern cubicle system could contribute to your business’s growth and productivity.

Cubicles Maximize Your Floor Plan


The cost of office space continues to increase. For this reason, many businesses are looking to downsize their space while still accommodating their growing team. While individual desks quickly become bulky and difficult to maneuver, cubicles offer an excellent, space-saving alternative.

Choosing a cubicle or workstation model allows you to maximize your floor plan while still providing each individual with their own space. Not only does this allow you to maximize every square inch of space but it also creates a clean, organized aesthetic.

Cubicles Encourage Collaboration & Productivity


Unlike traditional cubicles that created a closed-off feeling for employees, modern workstations can create an open feel that encourages collaboration and productivity. With the ability to quickly ask teammates for advice or assistance, your employees will be able to maximize their workdays.

Modern Cubicles Create a Clean Office Aesthetic


Cubicles can be both functional and beautiful! At Crown Office Furniture, our decor team is ready to help you design a cubicle system that creates an inspiring and inviting office environment. Cubicles allow employees to have a space that expresses their personality and inspires their work while maintaining a consistent aesthetic throughout the office.

Cubicles Create Accountability


As a business owner, your employees must be using their time on the clock to do the work you are paying them for. Unfortunately, closed offices often tempt employees to slack off or work less diligently. With a cubicle model, employees are held accountable for the work they accomplish each day. This can create a positive environment in which you can easily oversee the daily operations of your business.

Find Your Next Cubicle System Today!

Whether you are looking to refresh your existing cubicle system or hoping to implement this approach for the first time, our team of professionals is ready to assist you! With a diverse range of cubicle and workstation models from vendors like Evolve, we will provide you with a system that fits your business’s needs, design aesthetic, and budget.


At Crown Office Furniture, we have seen firsthand the many benefits of a cubicle model for a variety of offices. From increased productivity to more efficient use of office space, modern workstations are an excellent investment in your business. Stop by our Tulsa showroom or browse our online shop to learn more!

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