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Crown furniture is a company based in Tulsa Oklahoma and serves a great portion of the united states. We distribute office furniture of all kinds.
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Who is Crown Furniture?


Crown Furniture’s Missouri Service area extends across the State. Crown Furniture is your premier office furniture company with over 60 years of dedicated service to Missouri and its surrounding states. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality, innovative, and ergonomic office furniture solutions to enhance your workspace and boost productivity.


Absolutely Stunning Design & Functionality

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Crown Select

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Files/ Storage

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Cubicles/ Workstations

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Crown Furniture’s Services


At Crown Office Furniture we understand your time is important. Our professional and highly trained installation team will have your office furniture set up to your exact specifications quickly and hassle-free.


Here at Crown Office Furniture, our design team will expertly handle all of the details and design of your office desks, cubicles, conference rooms, reception areas, and more to ensure the highest quality setup for your budget.


Customer service is our specialty! Our highly trained Crown Furniture sales team pride themselves on providing the best service at the best prices. From a home office order to servicing companies with thousands of employees, we’re here to help!

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Crown Furniture

We Supply Mid America with furniture from manufacturers such as X-Chair, and Global.

For over 60 years, Crown Office Furniture has been known as Oklahoma’s premier office furniture dealer, that doesn’t mean that Missouri needs to be left out, we service businesses and corporations, and industrial parks across Missouri. With a wide selection of pieces from over 150 vendors, we continue to provide Mid-America businesses with the largest selection of new and used office furniture.

Why Your Furniture is Important

Often overlooked by many business owners, the way you furnish your office can not only boost morale but also aid in productivity and collaboration. For this reason, we are passionate about partnering with you to select furniture that contributes to the growth of your business.

Based on 20 reviews
Dee Cole
Dee Cole
Excellent staff
michael patuto
michael patuto
Excellent!! If you need anything in furniture or just someone to talk with,Crown is the place to be.
R Felts
R Felts
I had the best experience with David and Julie at Crown Office Furniture. I was needing to upgrade some old desks in my office building and decided to order new cubicles/work stations. I had an idea of what I wanted before contacting Crown Office Furniture. David came out to meet with me and take a look at the office space. He had some great ideas and made the whole process very easy for me. Julie met with me in the showroom to take a look at the wood and fabric options. She made that portion of the process so easy for me as well by answering all of my questions and guiding me through the many choices that were available. From the beginning consultation to the day of delivery and installation, Crown Office Furniture made everything come together effortlessly for me. I’m SO happy with the end result. I highly recommend Crown Office Furniture and their friendly staff to anyone shopping for quality office furniture!
Jared Veldhuizen
Jared Veldhuizen
Love the staff, very personal and knowledgeable. Great selection also!
Pete Schultz
Pete Schultz
Always a great experience! Crown is the king!
Carla Coats
Carla Coats
Wonderful place!
Shane Goodnight
Shane Goodnight
These guys are great! Highly recommended.
Lauren Griggs
Lauren Griggs
I’ve gotten several pieces of furniture from Crown Office Furniture, and I’ve been extremely satisfied with the products. But I would have to say that the best part about the company is the customer service. They have a very patient staff that was ready to answer all of my questions. They’ve delivered a few things to my house, and their delivery guys are super nice and I felt comfortable having them in my home, even being a single girl. I’d recommend them time and time again!
Julie is great. In fact the best. She helped me refurnish my entire office and made it beyond easy with the best prices in town. The delivery team was professional worked all day in the heat and got my office set up in 1/2 a day. They are the only name you need to know for office furniture.


Crown Furniture’s Missouri Service Area

View A Comprehensive List of the most common Cities we service across the great state of Missouri. Each City Listed has a subsequent top 10 attractions list associated with it, so that you can see some of our favorite things from each City.

Missouri Service Area: Cities

How Good Furniture effects Your Workspace


the right office furniture can make a world of difference in creating a productive and positive workplace environment. We understand that a well-designed workspace is not just about aesthetics but plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall efficiency and well-being of your employees. Here’s how good office furniture can transform your workplace:

Boosts Productivity:

Comfortable and ergonomic furniture can significantly improve productivity levels among your employees. When individuals are provided with supportive chairs and desks that cater to their unique needs, they can focus better, experience reduced fatigue, and maintain their energy levels throughout the day.

Enhances Collaboration:

A well-planned office layout with the right furniture encourages collaboration and communication. By creating open spaces, collaborative zones, and comfortable meeting areas, we foster a culture of teamwork and idea sharing, leading to increased innovation and creativity within your workforce.

Supports Well-Being:

Employee well-being is paramount in ensuring a healthy and motivated workforce. Our carefully curated selection of office furniture includes ergonomic chairs, sit-stand desks, and adaptable workstations, promoting better posture and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal issues, ultimately contributing to employee satisfaction and reduced absenteeism.

Improves Focus and Concentration:

Distractions can hamper productivity, but with thoughtfully designed office furniture, you can create designated quiet zones and private work areas. Providing privacy screens, noise-absorbing panels, and functional storage solutions allows employees to concentrate better and stay on task.

Reflects Your Brand Identity:

Your office environment is a reflection of your company’s values and brand identity. By investing in high-quality and stylish office furniture, you convey professionalism, create a positive first impression for visitors, and foster a sense of pride among your employees, thus increasing their loyalty and commitment to your organization.

Adapts to Evolving Needs:

We understand that businesses evolve over time, and so should your office furniture. Our range of versatile and modular furniture options ensures that your workspace can adapt to changing needs, accommodate new team members, and remain functional and visually appealing for years to come.

Employee Satisfaction and Retention:

A comfortable and well-designed workplace demonstrates that you value your employees’ comfort and care about their overall experience. Happier employees are more likely to stay loyal to your organization, leading to increased employee retention and reduced recruitment costs.

How Bad Office Furniture effects the Workplace


Unfortunately, the significance of quality office furniture is often underestimated, leading to adverse effects on the workplace environment. Let us delve into how subpar office furniture can detrimentally impact your business and workforce:

Reduced Productivity:

Uncomfortable chairs, poorly designed desks, and inadequate storage solutions can contribute to physical discomfort and even chronic pain for employees. Discomfort leads to distractions, frequent breaks, and decreased concentration levels, ultimately hindering productivity and efficiency. Employees may spend more time trying to find ways to alleviate their discomfort rather than focusing on their tasks.

Increased Health Issues:

Inferior office furniture can give rise to various health concerns among employees. Ergonomic issues can lead to musculoskeletal problems, such as backaches, neck strain, and repetitive stress injuries. The toll taken on employees’ physical health not only results in increased absenteeism but also diminishes the overall morale of the team.

Lack of Collaboration:

Collaboration is the cornerstone of a successful and innovative workplace. Unfortunately, when office furniture lacks the flexibility and functionality required for collaborative efforts, teamwork can suffer. Inadequate meeting spaces, uncomfortable seating, or inconvenient layouts may discourage employees from engaging in discussions or brainstorming sessions.

Negative Company Image:

The office space often serves as a reflection of a company’s values and culture. Outdated, worn-out, or mismatched furniture can project an unprofessional and uninspiring image to both clients and potential employees. A poorly furnished office space can create a negative first impression and may deter potential clients from doing business with your company.

Employee Disengagement:

Employees who feel undervalued due to their workspace’s inadequate conditions are more likely to experience decreased job satisfaction and disengagement. A lack of consideration for their comfort and well-being can lead to a sense of indifference towards the company’s goals and values.

High Turnover Rates:

In addition to employee disengagement, a workspace with poor furniture can contribute to high turnover rates. Dissatisfied employees may seek opportunities elsewhere, affecting the company’s continuity, knowledge retention, and training costs.

Just a Taste of what Crown Furniture Provides