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Good and Bad Cubicles

Intro to cubicles

Cubicles have been a staple in the office environment since they were first introduced several decades ago. They are a convenient way to divide up workspace and create individual workspaces for each employee. However, they have their pros and cons, making it important to weigh both sides before making a decision.

Pros of cubicles:

One advantage of cubicles is that they are much more space efficient than other options, meaning that if one where to try and fit as many workstations in a workplace that cubicles would be the way to go. Additionally since their walls are usually made from lightweight materials and dont require as much labor or time to assemble, they can be set up fairly quickly and at a lower cost than permanent walls or partitions.

Cons cubicles:

On the other hand, In smaller environments where space is not an issue, the cost may be too high. This is because the benefit of cubicles is found in the quantity that can be fit in an environment. This is also a double edged sword because the cramped nature of cubicles means that employee morale is often affected by working in cubicles due to the lack of privacy and minimal personalization options within these enclosed areas.

While some employees appreciate having access to certain workspaces when needed without being too cloistered off from colleagues, others feel like their individual sense of identity has been taken away with the addition of these dividers. Furthermore, many studies have found that openplan offices equipped with fewer dividing walls lead to greater levels of collaboration. Communication flows more freely throughout the workplace setting. This is something hardwalled spaces often fail at providing at a high level.


In conclusion, while cubicles may be an affordable option when outfitting an office environment with individual workspaces. In addition to their low cost and ability to easily reconfigure based on need. It’s limitations in terms of compressing individuals within minimal privacy ultimately makes them unpopular among many workers who feel trapped inside these tiny cube desks rather than feeling inspired by them. One must consider their options and weigh what is most important to them. If you need good communication and flow of ideas then cubicles might not be right for you.

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