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Laminate, the Pros and Cons

Laminate, the Pros and Cons

Intro to Laminate

Laminate desking has become an increasingly popular choice for businesses due to its affordability and durability. Whether its used in a corporate office, an educational environment or a home workstation, laminate desking provides customers with an attractive and costeffective way to furnish their space. Despite its advantages, there are some potential drawbacks that customers should consider before investing in laminate desking.


One of the main benefits of laminate desking is affordability. It is typically less expensive than other types of desks such as wood or metal options. Laminate surfaces are also extremely durable; they are scratch resistant, easy to clean, and stand up well against everyday wear and tear. Furthermore, they come in a variety of colors so that your workspace can be outfitted to match any aesthetic you might be aiming for. Laminate desks provide flexibility since many have compatibility with other office pieces such as hutches and storage.


The biggest potential con when investing in laminated desk surfaces is heat sensitivitythey are easily prone to heat damage from prolonged exposure to high temperatures which can cause warping or discoloration over time if not monitored properly. Luckily due to AC being prevalent this tends not to be an issue. Industrial workplaces can get hotter than normal offices because of its location within a large metal building such as a warehouse. This can be problematic for laminate, which is a shame because unlike wood it is scratch and water resistant.

laminate Overview

Overall though these pros versus cons need close consideration before committing financially as no two people have the same needs and requirements from their workspace furniture. However if chosen wisely Laminated Desks present viable solution often sought after by businesses searching for cheap but practical furnishing solutions.